Monday, January 28, 2013

A Prelude to Japan

In 2 days time, I will be traveling Osaka with my family. It will not be that long of a trip, like i would want to so much to immerse myself into their culture, more so get to try the best Japanese food of my existence. But it should be enough, well, it has to be enough for me to taste bits and bobs of their awesome cuisine.

Ukokkei's Ramen has got to be the best ramen in Manila I have tried to so far and I am looking forward to tasting something better than what I have already considered best. And hopefully this upcoming Osaka trip would land me to my best Japanese experience yet. Of course that includes all sorts of sushi, the freshest sashimi, tempura, unagi and unagi and more unagi. (Love those stuff)

I cannot wait to visit the land of Morimoto and the world renowned Japanese cuisine.

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