Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last Cake of 2012

Made this cake as a favor for my work mate who apparently got married last year. The wedding dates were not final up until two months before. And it was not exactly the best time for me to make a cake. It was Christmas Eve that they decided to tie the knot. Happy for them, no doubt about that. It was just a pretty stressful day to make a cake. And it was not all pretty and fun to make as well. A series of unfortunate events occurred. Fondant was not perfectly smooth and neat to paint on, ran out of fondant when i wanted to salvage the cake, ran out of powdered sugar when i wanted to make marshmallow fondant instead. No stores were open because fyi, it was 2 am hat these things happened. Anyway, out with these hapless incidents, it still turned out well. And I'm happy with how I managed to make it work from its really crappy original state. I'm just a little bummed it was not the actual design that we both wanted but nonetheless it was perfect.

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